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Key to My Heart
I recently decided to try my hand at sculpting with creative paperclay. I have worked with polymer clay for over 20 years and I really like it, but was ready for something new. This is one of the dolls I created in the medium. She is a fully posable ball joint doll and if you look at my Rose doll, she is very similar. Her costume is a one of a kind creation that I made specifically for her. It features a mixed media bodice and vintage lace. She has a quote tag "Why do I need a key to your heart, he asked. Do you keep it locked all the time?" This speaks to that part of us that we lock up when we get hurt. I think it happens to all of us in some form or another and I tend to be the kind of person that locks up tight and it takes a long time to get that key out of my hand! I really love this doll because she was a real challenge to make and it was a very scary thing to reveal about myself. But at the same time I am so glad I did! I hand painted the doll in gouache and her hair is a monique gold wig. Her shoes are real leather.
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Key to My Heart
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