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Aislin, Celtic for 'Dream', is a fitting name for this dreamy fairy. I am happy to be back sculpting the fairies and this is one that took me totally by surprise. Lately the little impish vampire faes have been dancing in my head and then Aislin appears! She is anything but impish! She is 10 and 1/2 inches including her base. She was hand-sculpted of a mixture of polymer clays over a strong wire armature. She even has wire in her tiny fingers. Her eyes were made before being sculpted into her head. Each eyelash was applied one by one. Her hair is tibetan lamb's wool and she was painted with heat set oil paints. Her wings are copies of a mexican three tailed swallowtail butterfly and are mixed media. Her clothes and her 'crown' are all natural materials with the exception of the green microbeads. She also glows in the dark. Her base is painted wood and she is removable from the base.
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