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Ball Joint Dolls
I worked on this ball joint doll for over a year. I saw my first bjd over ten years ago and went on a journey to make my very own. I tried sculpting with paperclay, with little success. Then went back to polymer clay. I decided to make a Destiny doll which is inspired by my daughter, Destiny. She was sculpted out of polymer clay and is 11 inches tall. She has 14 points of articulation and is cast in resin. Each doll is assembled by hand and painted by hand. I dress each doll in small limited editions or one-of-a-kind costumes. I have also sculpted a Danielle head to go on the same body, though I did retire that head. I was taught to make molds and cast resin by my good friend Joe MacPhale. He is available to cast your creations or to teach you how to do this by yourself. Visit his website: www.thedollwhisperer.net.
All of the dolls you see here debuted at IDEX Orlando 2010 in January. They are all SOLD.
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